Shayne Lachlan

Australian & International Hardwoods specialist


Shayne currently heads up Hurford Hardwoods USA, an Australian wholesale flooring and lumber company doing business in the USA. He oversees imports, exports, U.S. distribution of flooring and lumber, and the manufacture and distribution of wine-oak for the U.S. and overseas markets. He has occupied this role for 22 years under the company's current and previous identity.

His dual citizenship as both an Aussie and American citizen give him enormous flexibility and ease of interacting with major markets at home and abroad.

The Hurford Hardwoods USA entity was formerly Moxon Timbers until the latter was bought out by the Hurford group in 2016. Shayne has stayed on to help the new owners, who had no experience in the U.S. market at the time of the takeover.

International circle

Shayne's work in the flooring and lumber industry, as well as the wine-oak industry, takes him all over the U.S. and the world: Europe, South America, Asia. Naturally, he has an extensive circle of contacts who are very comfortable dealing with him: when people call the office they ask specifically for him.

Here he is seen at the division in France.

Photo: Shayne at the division in France. © All rights reserved.


Shayne was VP of Moxon Timbers Inc (USA) from 1998. Seconded to the U.S. from managing one of Moxon Timbers' Queensland divisions, he brought with him experience in all aspects of running and maintaining the viable business that he had been running in Australia, and applied everything he knew to growing and sustaining the U.S. division. During the global financial crisis of 2008 and after, he kept the company running at a time when larger companies in the industry were going under.

Photo: A stack of timber-lumber at Shayne's warehouse. © All rights reserved.

From shop floor to beyond

From his earliest days when he was fresh out of school, Shayne has worked at all levels of the flooring and timber business, from milling, to the shop floor, to management, and ultimately to overseeing an international division. His work history in Australia included Foxwood milling, Mallinson's Timbers, Hyne & Son, and Moxon Co.

He has never forgotten his origins both as someone who knows every layer of this business and as an Aussie.

Here Shayne is hands-on in setting up at a flooring convention in the U.S.

Photo: Shayne is hands-on during a flooring convention. © All rights reserved.

Beyond the West

Throw into the mix that Shayne also spent three years working in Tokyo, Japan, and has travelled extensively in Asia. You get the picture: depth of experience and cultural awareness beyond the usual pathways of someone born into Western society.

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