Shayne Lachlan

When not at work...

In his "spare time"

Spare time? Huh? What's that?!

Martial Arts

Holding a Black Belt (8th degree) (1986) in martial arts, Shayne continues to train and instruct in Tai Chi and Wing Chun. In 1985, he was one of only eight people who were invited to participate in the first delegation of Tai Chi practitioners from Australia to attend championships in China.

Photo: Shayne Lachlan instructing in martial arts. © All rights reserved.

Out in the yard

An avid gardener, Shayne could easily spend all his spare time planting new additions - and tending to lots of mowing and snow-blowing! - on his three acres of Virginia.

Photo: Shayne out in his yard, spring cleanup. © All rights reserved.

Photo: Shayne out doing the snow blowing, winter in Virginia.  © All rights reserved.


Over the years, Shayne has always had a dog (or two or three), in his life. The present is no exception. Several of his dogs have been rescue cases that he and his wife adopted.

Photo: Shayne with two of his dogs. The little one is a rescue.  © All rights reserved.

These lucky pups want for nothing - even a path through the snow is made when needed, pronto.

Photo: Shayne shovelling a path through the snow for one of his dogs.  © All rights reserved.

Photo: Shayne with another of his rescue dogs.  © All rights reserved.

They are simply part of the family. (This laid-back little guy is also a rescue.)

Which reminds us…


Shayne is eternally delighted and grateful to have a wonderful family both in the U.S. and in Australia. Time with them is SO precious, and often too rare, which is a less-then-ideal fact of the executive life in a foreign land. A game of soccer, a bounce on the knee - that's what family is about and Shayne is wholehearted in spending time with his family.

Photo: Soccer with one of the kids of the family in AU.  © All rights reserved.

Photo: Shayne spending time with one of the little ones inthe family. © All rights reserved.


Shayne holds a private pilot license for single engine, fixed wing aircraft. Getting out in the blue is his favorite "away" activity.

Photo: Shayne with one of the aircraft that he flies.  © All rights reserved.

Oh, yes, and cars

Did we mention yet that he loves cars? Not just any car. Cars with a bit of oomph. One of his first cars in his youth was a Nissan Z sports car. Here he is admiring a Dodge Scat Pack and a Dodge Challenger RT.

Photo: Shayne admiring a Dodge Scat Pack car. © All rights reserved.


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