Shayne Lachlan

Australian & International Hardwoods specialist

Shayne Lachlan

With decades of experience in the flooring and lumber industry on two continents, Shayne is your go-to person for professional expertise in this industry.

Australian, Exotic, & Domestic Hardwoods

Local knowledge and industry experience

Currently the Vice President of Hurford Hardwoods U.S.A., Shayne Lachlan has a total of over thirty years in the industry, in the USA, Australia, and abroad. Originally from Queensland, Australia, he was seconded to the Virginia U.S.A. branch to head up and grow the North American lumber and flooring operation, and ultimately also the wine-oak division. He has led the USA operation since 1998.


Although as Aussie as ever and speaking in that Aussie drawl, Shayne is equally comfortable navigating the U.S. market and American methods. The variations of species requirements, constant conversions between two measurement systems, and conversions even between two "English" dialects, Shayne knows his way around the industry. It's all done in that laconic Aussie style... As the saying goes - sort of, "You can take the man out of Australia, but you can't take Australia out of the man".

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